About Us

Our Mission

Our vision is to provide the most motivating and health-promoting training experiences to combat our society’s sedentary lifestyle. Our interdisciplinary team includes sports scientists, software developers, engineers and industrial designers, aiming for the most effective and entertaining workout experiences.


ICAROS History

ICAROS GmbH was established in Munich, Germany in 2015 to revolutionize the way people exercise and play. Our products blend training, gaming and social competition to create exciting and effective exercise experiences.

Today, ICAROS professional systems are not only installed in premium fitness clubs or hotels, but also in leading orthopedic and neurologic therapy facilities.

The first consumer model, ICAROS Home, was launched in 2018 – in combination with ICARACE, our global online multiplayer platform for VR e-Sports, it connects ICAROS pilots around the world.

In 2020, ICAROS launches the highly versatile fitness device ICAROS Cloud in combination with the exercise app ICALETHICS: The next dimension of home fitness.

ICAROS Canada History

ICAROS Canada has been promoting and selling ICAROS products since 2019. We have just recently installed several units in Calgary at VmeRsion.ca in Calgary and opened a retail store at 625 Manitou Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4C2.

Health & Fitness

ICAROS workouts enrich physical exercise through gamification. All ICAROS exercises simultaneously improve reflexes and coordination abilities and train different muscle groups. ICAROS systems are used in athletic-, strength- and rehabilitative training, as well as group-classes or home fitness.

Our science board and cooperations with leading sports universities ensure an evidence-based approach to create the most effective and enjoybale fitness experiences. ICAROS exercises are ideal to gain smart muscles and to improve your core stability, functionality and reactivity.